Breed Specific Training Miniature Schnauzer


The Miniature Schnauzer is a small canine that is highly active, robust and is classified as a type of terrier. They are very busy dogs that like to play and are exceptionally affectionate, devoted and enthusiastic. Mini schnauzers are intelligent and very trainable. They are also quite alert and make fabulous watchdogs.

This breed has distinctive facial features including bushy eyebrows, beard and moustache, resembling their larger cousin the Standard Schnauzer. Mini Schnauzers are great companions and can be an excellent addition to a family. Overall they are a happy and hardy dog that makes a super pet.

Miniature Schnauzers have s a well built body that is square in proportion. Their strong head has a rectangular shape, their muzzle ends quite bluntly and they have a black nose. Schnauzers have small, dark brown eyes that are deep set. The ears of the miniature schnauzer are set high up on the head and can be cropped, tapering to a point, or they can be left natural, folding in a V-shape close to the head. The tail is typically docked and is carried erect. If left, natural, the tail is still carried high and arches toward the back. This breed has a double coat that features a soft undercoat and a wiry outer coat. Their hair is stripped short, close to the body, except for the legs, eyebrows, beard and mustache. The coat comes in a few colors including salt and pepper, black and silver, solid back and solid white.

Schnauzers are a very smart, energetic and loving breed. They enjoy the company of people but also have an independent nature. They are very good watchdogs and are always on alert. They are suspicious of strangers and will bark to let their owners know of any strange sounds or sights. They like to be around kids when they are socialized early with them. They can learn to adjust to other dog in their household but don't seem to get along with cats very well.

Miniature Schnauzers are very energetic little dogs and will enjoy a long, brisk walk or jog. They like to play fetch and should be provided with the freedom to run around off leash whenever possible. I always say tennis courts are a wonderful place for them to run and be safe.He should be given 40 - 60 minutes of exercise per day. This will help to prevent behavioral problems and will allow the dog to release any energy he has bottled up. These canines should not be allowed off the lead in open areas as they will feel inclined to chase any rodents they happen to see.

The Schnauzer breed can be quite willful and independent and must have a firm and reliable trainer or they will choose to follow their own rules. Schnauzers need obedience training and need to be taught that when it comes to their family (or pack) they are not the leader. If he does not recognize his owner as the leader, he will assume this role and will develop Small Dog Syndrome. These are very bold, determined and intelligent dogs. They enjoy challenges and need a confident and consistent teacher. They are particularly skilled at learning tricks, obedience and agility. Socialization and training needs to be started at an early age.

Their training should start and end with you. This gives your dog a place to look when they need a little guidance. Training and socialization is a necessity for building his respect, confidence and loyalty, as well as developing the characteristics for which this breed is celebrated. Seeking a professional trainer and training facility is also a great place to introduce your dog to new people, pets, and all the distractions they may encounter.

One of the biggest mistakes new dog owners make is confusing love and friendliness for respect and loyalty. Although it is important to be affectionate with your dog, it is imperative that you offer this attention at the appropriate times and this affection should only be given to your schnauzer when you choose to give it. For instance, while training should be done in a pawsitive and gentle manner it should still be firm and direct, not babying and casual.

It is not cruel to reprimand or discipline your dog by telling him "wrong", or "try again" Taking away your attention, his toys or giving him a time out when he is not listening. It is imperative that he immediately knows he has displeased you or has exceeded his limits when he does. He cannot learn from his mistakes if he doesn't’t know that what he has done is wrong. He must know his place and only you can show him

The Mini Schnauzer is an excellent companion dog. They are a very versatile pet that is affectionate, playful, dedicated to his family, and posses both watchdog and guarding skills. He has plenty of energy, likes to be active and is happy to go for a walk, a car ride or on any other adventure with his owner. Miniature Schnauzers are very agreeable, happy and an independent breed that matures with a super personality when they are well socialized and provided with consistent obedience.