Other Dog Behavior Issues


Overexcited Dogs


If you find you are having trouble with your pet being overexcited before you go to a training class, or before you train at home, you should take your dog out for some exercise. Not so much exercise that your dog is exhausted, just enough to burn off a little energy. This will help if your dog is unruly too.

Try using plenty of treats to keep them focused on you and not other things around them. This works well especially if you do not feed your dog before you start to work with them. If your dog is full, they won't really want to work for treats.

You should reward your dog every time they are calm and quiet. This will reinforce the behavior you are looking for.

If your dog is pulling on the leash, or lunging at another pet or person, you can try kneeling on your pets leash so they will not have any give. If we hold the leash in our hands, we usually give a little every time they pull and that reinforces the pulling by allowing them a bit more length. So when you kneel on it, it is harder for them to go anywhere and they will usually calm down.

If your dog knows the "watch me" or "focus" command, you can use that as well. Rewarding them every time their attention goes back on you and not someone or something else.

If you think your pet is over stimulated by other animals, you may need to take them out for more dog socialization. You can try going to a dog park, or maybe a Doggie Day Camp for a day of fun. Just a trip to the local pet store sometimes works.

One thing is for sure, you need to remain calm, because your dog will be calm if you are calm. No matter how upset you are getting never start to yell, or hit them.


Here are the steps for "Focus", or "Watch Me"

Call your dog by name, then holding a treat in your hand move the treat toward your eyes.

Once your dog has looked at your eyes, reward them. Praise and treats work well.

Repeat these steps and hold the treat for a few seconds longer extending the length of time your dog will need to focus on you..

Good Luck!