Breed Specific Training Maltese


Maltese are little all-white dogs that are very gentle-mannered and loving. They are lively, playful and are quite fearless in spite of their small size. Maltese learn quickly and excel at obedience and tricks. They are highly affectionate, very devoted to their owner, and are wonderful companions that will happily take part in any activity as long as they are with their family.

A bold and beautiful canine, the Maltese has a silky, long white coat and has graceful movements. They are a natural born lapdog, but also greatly enjoys romping around and doesn't’t mind getting dirty to the chagrin of his owners. Maltese are vivacious and lovely dogs, and throughout history have remained popular pets.

Maltese are brave and gentle dogs that are rather fearless for their size. They are feisty, playful and affectionate. They are friendly and highly sociable enjoying the company of humans. This pooch is very dedicated, trusting and fond of their owner. They like to play with children, but is best suited to older children, as he won’t tolerate teasing and can become injured if handled roughly. They get along well other household pets.

The Maltese is a very alert breed so can make for a good watchdog. When they see a stranger or hear a strange unfamiliar sound they will most definitely bark. They require lots of love and attentions and I don't think they should be left alone for long periods of time. This may result in bad behavior problems.

Maltese are known for having a surprising amount of energy and are active little wonders. Though they can obtain much of the exercise they need through indoor activities, they should still be taken for a daily 15-20 minute walk for both their mental and physical health. They will enjoy the freedom to run off leash whenever they can and love to play outdoors. Maltese maintain their playful and youthful spirit well into the later years of their life.

Maltese training should not be considered optional; it is a mandatory part of owning one of these small white dogs. Far too many owners of little dogs make the mistake of not training their tiny companions and as a result their animals become possessive, aggressive and develop other bad habits and behaviors that are characteristic of small dog syndrome. Small dog syndrome is often used to describe smaller canines that display excessively dominate behaviors as a result of poor leadership from their owner. This is why maltese training is essential to ensure that your pet is disciplined, is obedient and knows that you are the boss. They need to have rules or they will make their own rules, try to enforce their leadership and develop a nasty personality towards strangers and even other family members.

Although it may be difficult at first to engage in this maltese training, because all you want to do is pick up and cuddle your little dog, it is necessary for their healthy mental development. By babying them and not training them you are not doing your pal any favors. You will only make their life and yours more difficult and unpleasant.