Breed Specific Training Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are recognized as spectacular pets that are highly loving, enthusiastic, and gentle.They are loyal, fun-loving, and keen to please their family, with whom they wish to spend the majority of their time. This is a perfect breed for families with or without children and other pets. Some of the defining features of the breed are its gorgeous shiny golden coat. The fur is medium-lengthed and they have bright eyes and a grace and ease of movement. They are usually happy. These fact makes them among the most popular dog. They are an active dog, well put together, they have a kind expression and possess a personality that is eager to please. One of the most alert and self-confident dog breeds out there. They are wonderful hunting dogs and love to be in the water.

Enjoying games and obedience training is something this breed love it gives the dog the opportunity to gain attention from the owner. These dogs are immensely accepting with both people and pets both canine and otherwise. They are very good with small children also. They never seem to mind being lied on or hugged.

Along with most dogs this breed needs lots of exercise, not just physical but mental stimulation. Sitting around makes this dog bored, anxious, mischievous and that is when trouble starts to begin. They could soon start using furniture around the house to stimulate themselves.

It is important to start early with socialization training in order to create the ideal adult dog personality. It helps the Golden Retriever’s natural friendliness while keeping the excitement level under control when meeting new people. Training is best accomplished consistent, positive reinforcement technique. What dog doesn't love, attention, praise, and treats from their owners.

You may not feel that your dog needs to learn every trick and command, there are certain ones that are very beneficial for both you and your pet, such as teaching him how to walk nicely. A dog that does not pull or yank when he is on his lead is a dream to walk and it gives you more control over your pet. Not to mention less shoulder and back pains.

Before you start out for your daily walk I want you to put them on a 4 ft. leash. Have your dog sit on your left side. As you hold the leash with your hands start walking. If your dog starts to pull I want you to stop. If he stops pulling you may begin again. If your dog doesn't stop pulling then turn and walk the other direction. When they start to pull that way, turn and go the other direction again. This takes a lot of patience, so don't get angry or upset. He will catch on. If all else fails there is also a Gentle Leader or Easy Walk Harness.

Swimming should be part of your golden retriever training if you want them to enjoy the water. You might think that because they were originally bred for retrieving on the hunt and enjoying the water that he would naturally take to it like a fish to the sea. However, this is not always the case. While some golden's cannot get enough of the water, others are terrified of it. This fear can be prevented by properly introducing your pup to swimming.

Introduce your dog to the water a little at a time. If you have a pool and children they may take to it a lot faster. They will see all the fun and excitement and want to join in. If not, try luring your dog into the water a bit at a time. Allowing your dog to enter when ready, you never want to force your dog to do anything. Lots of praise and positive reinforcement when your dog goes towards the water or better yet gets in. Taking this slow and easy is your best bet. Reward all the little steps and progress they make and before you know it your dog will be swimming in the pool and lake with the rest of you.