Elimination Problems

Elimination Problems. The Five Most Common Reasons.


House breaking problems are a big source of stress and frustration for many new dog owners. Unfortunately this is a process that must be taught by humans. It is also something that has potential for problems. Below are five of the most common house breaking problems. A good thing to remember is that a new puppy can hold its bladder for about one hour for every month old they are. Or on a good day you can take how many months old they are plus one. Example would be, if your dog is three months old they can hold their bladder for about three hours, or three plus one equaling four.


Lack Of Supervision

It should go without saying that if you have a puppy that is not yet house trained, you should be continually watching him/her. However it is surprising to me how many pet parents still allow their dogs to have the run of the house. Then they will complain that their dog is soiling all over the house or in their bedroom. We all lead busy lives and it's simply not possible to watch our pets 24/7, but until the time that your pet is housetrained , I would advise you to keep them confined to one room of your home, or use a crate to ensure that soiling is kept to a minimum.


Insufficient Time Outdoors

Your puppy or dog will only make the connection between toileting, and the outdoors, if you allow them enough time to do the required action that is needed in the required place(outdoors). This means you need to give your dog maximum opportunity to be outdoors as often as you possibly can no matter what time of day or night, and no matter what the weather may be.


Irregular Feeding Times Or Poor Diet

If your dog eats at regular times, their bowel movements should also be at regular times. This allows you a better chance to get your dog outside when the time is right. However, if you feed your dog at irregular times, or change their food frequently, or worse, you offer more treats between feedings than a sustained diet of dog food, you would have to expect your dog may need to go at anytime. This makes it hard for us to determine their bowel movement schedule.



There are lots of diseases that would cause dogs to drink excessive amounts of water, thus, needing to urinate more often than normal. Liver disease, kidney and bladder diseases, diabetes, and lets not forget problems with the central nervous system. All of these problems would need to be looked at, and treated by their vet to control the problem of over urinating.


Scent Marking

Another type of urination problem is marking their territory inside the house. This problem is most often associated with male dogs who are dominant or have a strong urge to mate. This could also be related to some insecurities your dog may be feeling. Dogs that feel insecure or threatened have a tendency to warn others that a house (a territory) is already occupied by scent marking. Since dogs can't put up fences they put up scent posts.This is a hard one to break, but it can be done. First if you have a male, you should have him neutered. You will also need to catch the dog in the act of eliminating and correct him. It is important not to correct in a way that is negative .Always use positive reinforcement.