Other Dog Behavior Issues


Door Dashing


If you have a dog that runs right out the door every time it is open, don't worry you are not alone. Does it make you want to know what is so interesting outside that they can not wait and have to run right out the door. It made me curious. I hope reading this article will help you and your dog solve this problem.


Training "Come When Called"

The first thing you can do with your pet is seek some dog training. A good thing to teach your pet is the "come when called". If you work with your dog on this command, you will not be so afraid of something happening to your dog when it dashes out, because you know they will (come) when you call them. This should be a command that you work on each and everyday. They will have to come to you no matter what the distractions is. One mistake people will make when having their dog "come when called", is they call the dog to them and then lock them up in a kennel or inside because the parent is leaving. This teaches your dog that coming when called is not a fun thing to do. You need to make it fun. Offering a nice reward when they come to you. You will also want to send them back to play after you call them to you. Making it a pleasurable thing works best. If this doesn't work for you, try a "wait " command.


Teaching "Wait at the Door"

If you ask your dog to sit, and wait every time you go towards the door, this will teach them the correct behavior you expect. If you open the door and they get up, close the door and start all over. Every time you go to the door ask your dog to sit, slowly open the door, and see if your pet gets up. If they do, close the door and start all over by asking them to "sit" then "wait". If your pet remained sitting then click, and treat if you use a clicker, or use some pawsitive reinforcement, with a " Yes" or "Good Girl/Boy" and offer a treat. Now try to open the door a little further, if they get up, start again with "sit" and "wait". If they stayed, now you can open the door even further. Repeat these steps as many times as needed until your dog does not budge. The goal is to have your dog stay in a sit with the door wide open. You should ask them to "sit" and "wait" every time you are going to open the door. This will ensure your dog knows they will not be allowed out, if they get up. You may want to practice this first in an interior door such as, bedroom. This may be less frightening for you, if you are worried that your dog may get passed you and run right out of the door.


Outdoor Time

One reason your dog may be door dashing is, they are not getting enough outdoor time. Being outside becomes very interesting to them if it is a place they don't get to go very often. Make sure you are taking your dog out for walks, play, and just to explore. There are a lot of smells outdoors and your dog wants to smell them all. Seeing other dogs on walks, meeting other people, all of these are things your dog needs. It is great for socialization also. Our dogs need to explore their neighborhood, it helps them be familiar with the things that go on there. If your pet gets outside on a daily routine, outdoors becomes less exciting and probably will eliminate the door dashing. Having enough outdoor time will also help with a few behavior issues. Do it for your pet, they will appreciate it.