Addressing Behavior Problems Destructive Digging



Dogs and puppies may dig holes in yards and gardens and even dig at carpeting, rugs and hardwood floors. Digging is a normal behavior that is often motivated by the investigation of smells, sounds, and sights or play.

As with other undesirable behavior, you should find alternative toys that can help teach appropriate behavior to your dog or puppy. If alternative toys do not work, another option may be to provide the dog or puppy with a digging area filled with sand or soft dirt. Hiding their favorite treat in a toy should encourage the dog or puppy to start using the desired area for digging.

Digging can be one of the harder behaviors to stop because it is usually done when we are not home or not paying attention to our pet. If you have your dog outside you may want to keep an eye on them every few minutes to make sure they are not up to no good. As mentioned dogs will dig out of boredom. Either they are not getting enough exercise or have nothing else to occupy themselves with.

If you watch your dog you may be able to figure out why your dog is digging. If they are digging next to the house or somewhere that is shady, they be getting to hot outside. You can aleve this problem by giving them a dog house in the shade so when they are hot they will have a cool place to go. If they are digging next to the fence it could be they would like to visit with their doggie neighbor next door. Maybe you can walk your dogs together or make a play date at your local park and they can run and play together. The dog on the other side of the fence wont seem to be so interesting.

If they are just digging to be digging you can try to put a child's sand box in your yard. Place a few goodies under the sand like, Kong's filled with treats, or a plush toy, some Nylabones. When they start to dig and find a surprise. That will be the more pleasurable place for them to dig. After finding the surprise they should go and play with that for a while also which keeps them from digging. At the end of the day you can just replace them back underneath the sand and they will start over tomorrow.

Sometimes it is just one certain are of your yard, if this is so then trying digging a hole there yourself and filling it with the loose dirt. So when they dig and the loose dirt piles up you can just fill the hole back with the loose dirt. Not that any of us want a big hole in the yard but one hole is better than several holes. You can dedicate just one small area allowed for digging.

Supervision is the key to help with any behavior issues you are having. If you see your dog digging at the base of a tree or bush it could be because they smell something under the dirt like small rodents or insects. So you may want to spray the yard.

Here is a list of a few known diggers: Border Collies, Yorkies, Basenjis, Daschunds, Beagles, and lastly Retrievers.