Breed Specific Training Cockapoo


The Cockapoo is a relatively recent breed that is a hybrid between the Cocker Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle. There are three different sizes of Cockapoo, the Toy, the Mini, and the Standard.  They were created with the intention of developing a breed of dog that is very sharp and has virtually no shedding. I know that is a welcome thing for some Pet Parents. This dog is a hybrid mix and is still not recognized by the AKC. Someday maybe this will not be the case.

The Cockapoo is a pleasant, tolerant, and patient dog that associates well with children and other animals. They enjoy playtime with kids and have an understanding way about them .They are a smart type of dog and are also quite curious. They are social, and enjoy time around their family and other people, and enjoy the opportunity to perform and be the center of attention.

Because this is a hybrid breed, there is no standard to trainability regarding every individual. Though they are patient, intelligent dogs that are social and have a desire to please, there are defects from this general nature that can lead to instances of possessiveness over toys, furniture or food, begging, hard headedness, and being strong willed.

There is no true standard for Cockapoos because they are a hybrid mix, overall, they have been known to be gentle, and calm dogs with a positive and loving way about them. They are social, friendly to strangers and to their own family, are smart, and seem to be healthy and sturdy animals.

For this reason, many Cockapoos do very well living with families that have children, other dogs, or other non-canine pets. They do seem to adore people the most, but they are happy dogs overall with other living creatures.

Since their shedding is low and they are a low-odor dog, they are desirable pets for people with mild dog allergies or who have a strong desire to keep the pet hair in their homes well under control.

One of the best ways to build trust when training your cockapoo, is to know how to handle them. Handling is something that should be done soon after you make him part of your family. All that you are required to do is familiarize your dog with the feeling of being touched all over. This may seem like a no brainer and you might think it will be simple to achieve, but you would surprised at how much your puppy tries to squirm and get away. This is why you need to get him used to being handled at a young age or you will really struggle when he’s an adult. Puppy training isn’t simply a matter of teaching your dog commands and obedience. It is also about establishing a bond of trust between you and your companion. This specific bond is very important because once you have your pet’s trust, he will respect your authority, will be more inclined to listen to you and cooperative.

All dog training is best achieved when you use positive reinforcement to help educate and motivate your dog. Canines are loving creatures that want to please their owners and fulfill their role as a member of your pack. Remember positive reinforcement does not always come from a treat, a nice belly rub or pat on the head with some loving praise is always welcomed, Your pet will love you for it.