Breed Specific Training Chihuahua



Chihuahuas are tiny little dogs that look solid with a big round head that feature huge round dark eyes with a short pointy nose and alert ears. This is the smallest of all the dog breeds and comes in two different coat types.

Chihuahua's are bright and aware dogs that can function as terrific watchdogs. They can live in a family, but prefer a single owner with whom they can form a very special bond. They prefer dogs of their own breed.

Usually there are just two types of coats, there are also two types of grooming requirements. For the short coated variety, a rubber grooming comb or brush should be carefully run over the dog’s smooth coat every few days to keep it clean and distribute natural oils throughout the coat. The longer haired Chihuahua will require more grooming and brushing than the short haired. You don't need to bathe these dogs often because they need the natural oils in their coat to keep their skin from drying out.

Chihuahua's are small and dainty-seeming, the risk of stumbling over and harming this dog is actually quite small. The first reason for this is that the dog is actually much more sturdy than it appears. The second is that it is actually quite agile as well and it will steer out of the way so that it isn’t kicked or crushed. Having a collar with a bell on it will always let you know where they are, and that is a big help. It is common to see these dogs carried around in arms or fashionable bags, but they actually do very well walking about on a leash even with their tiny little legs. They have enough energy to keep going and should receive a good walk every day. If this dog isn’t exercised enough, the odds of misbehavior increase dramatically. Carrying them around all the time can cause them to be very attached and feel the need to bite or nip at others when they approach you.

If you have little children that also enjoy walking the dog I would suggest a harness. If, for some reason the child yanks to hard on the collar while walking their is a potential of harming and injuring the dogs neck. The harness will keep this from happening. It is always a nice bonus for your dog to be allowed to romp around off leash. If you can take them to a fenced area where they would be safe, they would enjoy just exploring all the new things they will encounter.

Though the Chihuahua may be willful, it is also an intelligent breed and, with patience and consistency, training can be very successful. Positive reinforcement, used gently, is the most effective technique to use with this breed. Crate training can help in making house training much easier on both the dog and the owner. The Chihuahua does also require a great deal of socialization in order to keep dominance problems under control as well as minimizing suspicion of strangers. They are known to develop aggression problems if not socialized early on.

Chihuahua training is a necessary and important part of their life and development. Some owners think that because they are so small, these dogs don’t need to be taught basic commands. Every dog should know the basics. regardless of their size need to be taught obedience and should know their place. An untrained chihuahua will grow up to be a possessive and aggressive dog that will not listen and will think he is above you. No one wants that, so train them early and if you are unsure on how to do this seek the advice of a professional trainer, they are always willing to answer any questions you may have.

Here are a few guide lines to help with your Chihuahua. Your puppy should start learning how to potty outside as soon as you bring them home. You will need to watch your pet all the time to know when they will have to go. You can use potty pads also, just make sure they don't use them for shredding.

Socialization. Make sure you take your dog/puppy on plenty of walks. You want them to be introduced to as many people and animals as you can and as early as you can. This helps with their socialization and will allow them to learn how to adjust to new things. By doing this you will be less likely to have an aggressive Chihuahua.

Know the basics. If you don't want to teach your dog anything else, they should at least know the basics like come, sit, stay, and down. This will make both of your lives a little easier. I would suggest working with them daily for short periods of time, and keep training fun.