Breed Specific Training Bull Dogs


English Bulldogs should look solid, compact, strong, and short in the body. Among the features for which it is best recognized is the loose, wrinkled skin, which is most noticeable around the shoulders, neck, and head. The dog has a very large head. Some English Bulldogs are so friendly that they cannot fulfill a guard dog duty, but typically speaking, members of this breed are effectively on the watch and can be relied upon to give a frightening enough show for unwanted intruders.

The English Bulldog remains friendly, but its behaviors can range from playful and silly to thoughtful or almost meditative. This dog craves attention and welcomes the opportunity to receive it, whether through performing tricks or wearing cute, funny, or attractive clothes and costumes. Training for obedience and proper "manners" is very important or the result will be frustration in both the human and the animal. Many individuals of this breed require an owner who knows how to show proper consistent leadership. Indications that a dog is being too dominant include guarding over food, toys, or furniture, or displays of aggressiveness.

English Bulldogs should be walked regularly as weight problems are chronic in this breed, which is naturally quite a sedate one. The English Bulldog will not simply give itself the exercise it needs and will need to be encouraged to play or take walks that will help to burn off energy and keep the weight down. They can go for brisk but short walks and even a bit of rough play with owners or other dogs. Some individuals will prefer a longer, but slower paced walk. Be careful to keep an eye on the weather outside before taking an English Bulldog for a walk as they can suffer health problems and complications from being exercised in very cold or very hot weather. In extreme weather, keep the dog inside most of the time, including for exercise, preferably in a climate-controlled area.

English Bulldogs are quite smart but they are also very strong willed so while they are very trainable, it can take some time and persistence. They are very loyal, though, and seek the approval of the owner, so praise in positive reinforcement training can go a long way. Being gentle, firm, and consistent are key to success in training English Bulldogs. Raising the voice can be very upsetting to an English Bulldog and can cause them to withdraw, setting back training and leading to stubbornness.

Keeping the wrinkles clean and adequately dried or serious health consequences can occur. The breed does not deal well in the cold and can suffer tremendously in the heat due to its unique physical construction and therefore must remain in a temperate climate or a climate controlled environment.

English Bulldog is a smart, loyal, and attention-loving breed with a short nose, stocky build, and wrinkles. They are funny, friendly, reliable, and loving, and are great pets due to their gentle natures. They get along well with children and other dogs and cats, as well as full-sized families

There are many fun things you can teach your bully to enhance his English Bulldog training. For instance, tricks such as "play dead", "roll over", "fetch", etc. have no real logical purpose but they are fun to teach and give your companion’s mind a good workout. In fact, if you are interested in teaching him tricks, one of the easiest you can begin with is to train him how to "speak". This is a relatively simple trick. Start with your dog in a sitting position, close your fingers to your thumb as to say blah blah blah. Your dog will not know what you are asking him to do so out of boredom and frustrations he should speak. When he/she does you will praise them with pawsitive reinforcement and a treat. Then repeat. Work with your dog on this trick daily and before know it your dog will be speaking.

You can have a lot of fun with english bulldog training, so don’t be afraid to expand your dog’s education. The more time you spend together the greater your bond will be and the better leader you will be.