Breed Specific Training Boxer


Boxer dogs are happy and high-spirited mid-sized dogs that are playful, curious and energetic. They are well-conditioned, and athletic. Their expression is very alert and intelligent, and this breed enjoys learning and having a challenge. He is smart and excels at many different things including guarding.

To train your boxer puppy in what is acceptable and not acceptable chewing behavior.   It is important that you know that a dog chews for many reasons, so when he destroys your favorite pair of shoes or other items in your home, this is not always an act of defiance. Biting and chewing is a natural dog behavior and you will not be able to train boxer puppy to give up this habit all together, as well you shouldn't’t.  Putting things in their mouth, tasting and testing is how they experience.  Therefore, your goal is not to stomp him from chewing on things, but to stop him from going after items that are off limits

Providing your pet with playthings that are durable and designed safely for chewing is a great idea.  This includes balls, ropes, Nylabone, Kong and plush toys.  Teething toys are also a good idea, especially in the first several months of his life when he is losing his baby teeth and his gums are very sensitive. Never allow your dog to chew on your old shoes. Dogs of any breed "DO NOT" understand the difference between your Vira Wangs, or Vans. So even old shoes would not be a good idea for your pet.

Finally, although it will be hard to do, when you train boxer puppy respectable chewing habits, do not yell at your pet for destroying something you didn't’t see him ruin.  You’ll only waste your breath because he won’t know why you are upset.  You need to understand that he will associate your anger with only the last action he committed. Punishing after the fact is something a lot of Pet Parents do. Try to remember that if your dog has already walked away it has probably forgotten what it had done. Scolding after the fact is never a good idea, because your pet could be doing a behavior that you want them to do, and you walk up to them and start yelling, they are going to think that what they are doing right then is the bad behavior.

Have fun with your boxer! Play games, run around and be silly with him. Enjoying time together is very important when building a solid relationship.One of the best ways to establish trust is to handle him. Caring for his coat, feeling inside his mouth, touching sensitive areas, such as his ears and paws will help him understand you are the leader.

Take him for daily walks, play a game of fetch with him and let him run around. This will help him release pent up energy, which will also make boxer dog training easier. They will be more focused. Include him in your daily events as much as you can. Take him on car rides and let him go outside with you, a nice trip to the pet store for a goody would be nice. Then he can pick something he likes.