Begging For Food


Dogs are just like us! They like food and enjoy many of the same foods we do, especially meats, anything high in fat and sweets. We sometimes find ourselves face to face with a dog that behaves as though it hasn't eaten in weeks! Prevention is the easiest way to deal with the problem of begging at the table. Unfortunately, we and the rest of the family sometimes give into those mournful eyes.

Just so you are aware dogs are scavengers, and that means that they will eat absolutely anything and that they will quickly develop the habit of begging for food and often, also for attention. Begging is an extremely bad habit for your puppy to form, and that's why it's important to train your puppy not to beg.

It is important for your puppy or dog to get a well balanced diet. So if we give in to those big, beautiful, sad eyes, and feed them some tasty tid bit from our plate, or the table we could actually be making them unhealthy. Not only are we giving in to begging we may end up with a dog that is over weight.

The first step in training your puppy to not beg is to understand a little about the world of dogs. In nature puppies usually had to wait to eat after the more dominant or pack leader. The rest of the pack just stayed back and waited for the leftovers when the others were finished. I'm sure they begged back then also. They were rewarded for this when it was their turn to eat.

You need to have a dedicated place to put your dog or send them to while you eat. Every time you sit down to eat you will need to put your puppy or dog in the "eating spot". Your dog or puppy of course will not stay at first, you will probably need to get up a few times during your meal and direct them back. How long it takes for your dog to understand it needs to be in its "eating spot" when you are eating could take as little as a day or two, however, it could take as long as a week or so. Every dog will learn to stay but every dog learns at a different rate. So just be persistent.

It's okay that your puppy watches you having dinner, but don't be tempted to give them anything from your plate. After you have finished, you should praise your puppy and reward them with their own delicious dinner. This is exactly what happens in the dog world.Your puppy has a very powerful nose and so they will naturally follow pleasant smells in the hope of finding food. However, human food is not good for dogs and there are many things that your dog should not eat that are common in your diet. For this reason, discourage your dog from begging in the kitchen.

Just remember to always be patient and calm when training your puppy not to beg. As long as you maintain that your puppy receives nothing when they beg, they will soon realize that this behavior brings no rewards. Don't give in and you won't have to deal with this difficult problem.

It is also a good idea to watch your puppy or dog around the youngest members of the family. They don't always understand how important it is to not give food to our pets. Sometimes it happens by accident. They may set their bowl of crackers on the floor, or they may spill something from their plate and if the puppy is around they will get it almost for sure. Remember dogs are opportunist and will take food any chance they can. Supervision will be the key to helping your little one understand.