How To Stop A Dog From Barking



If you want to know how to stop a dog from barking because it's driving you or your neighbors crazy. You are first going to have to know exactly what your dog is thinking so that you know what is triggers the barking. Despite what you have heard or think, dogs don't just bark for the fun of it. Barking is a means of communication and can signify many different emotional states.

Dogs today will often bark a warning as away of scalling us to help defend their home or territory. The problem occures when the dog does not know when tot stop barking, even when it has successfully called us to see what is the matter.

Being home alone is one reason for the barking. They may be lonely and bored so they bark to hear themselves or they bark because they hear other things and are not sure what they are, or because they can not see them. Sometimes our dogs are rewarding for barking and we don't even know it.

Here is a good example. Everyday the mail man comes to deliever the mail. Our dogs bark, and the mail man leaves. The dog doesn't know that their barking didn't scare them away all they know is the stranger left. Your dog is being rewarded by the leaving of the mail man. One thing had nothing to do with the other but they dont realize that. This goes on every day and now your dog has this bad behavior.

A lot of times when our dogs are puppies and they bark at us we go to see what they want or we offer them food, treats, or some love and affections. We are teaching them to bark everytime they want us. It is cute when they are puppies but no so cute when they are big dogs. So start early, if your puppy barks at you, walk away and ignore them. Give them attention when they are quiet. You will be much happier for it later.

Our dogs will bark when excited too (collies are a prime example).That usually means that we are not giving them enough varied stimulation. Think about it, if you were an intelligent dog with bags of energy and the only exercise you got was one walk a day, always to the same local park and at the same time of day, then you might bark excessively in the car on the way there too, just like a child would yell and be so excited on the way to the ice cream parlor. If we joined in by shouting at them, they will probably bark all the more.Now it is a game at that point.

To aide in all of the above barking habbits I would like you to try. Clicking and Treating for quiet behaved dogs. If your dog is in the window waiting for the mail man and has already started barking, I want you to distract your dog with something to lure them out of the window, hopefully this will silence the barking. When they are quiet and have stopped the barking , click and treat. If you can click and treat everytime they are quiet while sitting in the window you will teach them that quiet pays off and the barking does not.

If they bark at other dogs whether they are on the other side of the fence or out side passing by, I want you to click and treat everytime they go out side and look at the fence and they do not bark. Same thing for the dogs passing by. Always rewarding the quiet behavior and not the barking.

You can remove your dog from the situations as well. If they don't stop the barking them take them to another room and wait for them to offer a quiet behavior and treat . Then you can take them back out. If the barking starts again, remove them again. You may have to repeat these steps a few time in order for your dog to understand the behavior. Good Luck and feel free to email me with any further questions.