About Me





Hello, and thank you for checking out my website. I would like to tell you a lilttle bit about myself, the training I have, the certificates I have earned, and what lead me to becoming a professional dog trainer.



My Self

First of all my name is Cali, and besides working with dogs some of the things I enjoy doing are spending time with my family and our yorkies (Martini and Gidget). If you look closely at the picture that spells out my name you can see little pictures of all the things that I enjoy. I like going to Nascar races and spending Sunday afternoons in front of the television watching them. I would enjoy doing a dog training informational section in the calendar that Ryan and Chrissy Newman put out every year. I always wear flip flops, or open toed sandals. I love being out in the desert with my family enjoying the off road car and hanging out with friends. I really like candles and have them everywhere in our home, I seem to change the scents from season to season. Weekends are probably my favorite time that's because I get to spend it with my family usually barbequing and talking about what is new with everyone.



My Training and Certificates

I am an accredited Pet Trainer, and have been working with dogs for many years. I am currently in the process of getting my CGC(Canine Good Citizenship) certificate. Working with Pet Parents to solve their pets behavior problems is something I enjoy doing. I try to go to as many new training seminars as possible to keep up on the latest dog training techniques. It's always nice having other trainers to compare techniques with.



My Inspirations


One of the people who have inspired me is Victoria Stillwell. If you have seen any of her videos you know she is the Best when it comes to dog training. I use the same Pawsitive Reinforcement training as she does. A goal of mine is to someday be able to afford my own training facility. If I can achieve that it would be very rewarding. I have lots of ideas for working with and training dogs. One idea would be to have an indoor and outdoor facility to work with them in. Having and outside facility would be great for natural distractions.



What Lead Me To Dog Training


I was just like a lot of you Pet Parents out there, I was having behavior problems with my dogs, they wouldn't listen to me, they were doing things I thought were out of control. No matter what I seem to do it just wasn't working for me, or them. That is when I started searching the web for advice and help. It was hard finding certain answers that I needed. It didn't seem to be personal, I was looking for more of one on one advice. So I started to look into training classes and here I am. I am so glad I did. I find it very rewarding when I can help a family with their pet and we solve their problems. The smiles on their faces say it all. To see smiling Pet Parents makes me smile too.Not to mention how happy the dogs become.


Current Location

If you would like to bring your pet in for training you can find me at Pet Smart.

3420 Marron Road. Oeanside, CA. 92054

Telephone: 760-729-4546

Or you may leave a message at 1-800-738-1385 Ext. 41217




Gidget and Martini